Original map by: Green Mushy
Gamemode: PAYLOAD
Recommended Players: 11v11

A base_payload_2015.lua and example map ff_ksour_payload.bsp created for Fortress Forever.

Attacking players push the payload/train along the tracks towards the end of the line by staying close to it. The more attackers who are near the train, the faster it goes. However, if at any point there are more defenders than attackers, the defenders block progress completely and are given individual fortress points..

The attackers are given bonuses for pushing the train; a steady supply of Health, Armor, Ammo, and Cells, full clips anytime they kill someone while in the zone, and TONS of fortress points along the way.

Scoring is extremely simple:

The Defenders start with 30 points per round. IF they hold all command points, they get all 30 points. Failure to hold a point results in a loss of 10 points per command point, which is subsequently given to the attacking team. This means that if the attacking team makes it to the end, they would score 30 points and the defending team would score zero.

IF the attacking team successfully pushes the payload to the end of the line, the defending team is rendered defenseless; stripped of all armor, buildables, grenades, and weapons. The attacking team is then given a small amount of time to chase them around and them.

NOTE: This map was created by Green Mushy alone. The pictures are meant to showcase the path of the train and the base_payload_2015.lua that I created, not the map or brushwork. The only thing in the pictures that was added by me is the train, the tracks, ONE texture, and the capture points.